As an entrepreneur, reading should be second nature. It leads us to the path of growth and gives us insight and a better perspective about the people we communicate with on the daily. But let’s be honest. Do we have time to devour books for all its worth with the given time we have?

In most cases, no.

If one of your goals is to read more books this year, start with this super short list. Five books that will give you perspective and be the genesis of your paradigm shift. Five books that will empower your inner being while providing you with guidelines on how to be better.

We quip our opinions here!

The Extra One Percent – Rob Yeung

Best believe that it only takes a little bit more to be so much better. This ‘little bit’ encompasses an elevated way of doing the same thing. The author highlights steps to success, patterns of communication and elaborates on the point-of-view from people with different backgrounds and values. There is a summary and a call to action after every point, enabling you to think deeply about how to put the steps mentioned into practice – almost immediately.

The Difference Maker – John C. Maxwell

Maxwell is no stranger to most of us. Like a lot of his books, it is easy to read and understand as he highlights techniques that can be applied, not just in the business sense but also in everyday life. Here, he highlights that the key is in the attitude. Filled with insightful quotes, you can keep this book on your bedside after you are done reading and still flip its pages to regain insight. He reframes problems to opportunity and weakness to progress – definitely a book to pick up.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

Read this book with emotion because it will stir something in you – and then it will convince you to let it go. Funny and well pieced, Manson takes on the road less travelled with this self-help. It’s not too heavy but it makes you think. It allows you to question what matters to you. However, there are many who are very dissatisfied with the points Manson gives in his book – of course, it’s all perspective. Definitely book club material and if you are not convinced, pick it up and make it a topic of discussion with your girls, it will sure to induce some deep conversations.

Becoming – Michelle Obama

If you have not heard of this book release, you might be living under a rock. Former First Lady of the United States of America caused a MAJOR hype. After picking it up, we understood why. We often see her through a screen but in this book, she uncovers herself, stripped from her position to show us her emotions. The title of the book says it all, a journey to becoming who she is, and it reminds us that we are also on a journey of our own. A must read.

In the Company of Women – Grace Bonney

Think of this book like an Instagram profile – of 100 inspiring and creative women of our time. You scroll by flipping the pages, seeing these women and their stories. If you are an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, we suggest you tap into that energy by reading about the drive and the passion these women had to forge ahead. Don’t forget to note the gold nuggets hidden between their stories.

So, which book will you be picking up first? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Rachel


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