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Marie Kondo your career

Have you ever gone to work and just felt like…urgh, everything is a mess. Your appointments are not organised properly and you are living in...

Seoyeon Park – it pays to be picky

We are told to put our best face forward – but is our face looking its best? So we turn to skin care, and suddenly...

The red table concept

It has been a year since Jada Pinkett Smith (wife of Will Smith) with co-hosts Adrienne Banfield-Norris (her mother) and Willow Smith (her daughter) started...

Teh Li Rong empowers personal brands to bloom through influencer marketing

When you scroll through your Instagram feed, you might come across friends or personalities you admire going on all-expense-paid vacations, dining for free at high-end...

Underpaid? Here’s how you can change that!

With the rising cost of living, it is definitely going to be a bummer (not to mention a demotivator) when you find out that you...

5 things you need to know as a female boss

Take a look back in time and you can see where we have come as women. From working the fields in the medieval era, to...

6 reasons you should never eat alone

Lunch time is crunch time. Sometimes, it is tempting to just sneak away to the pantry or to a quiet personal space to just empty...

Women empowerment; how can it be achieved?

Women empowerment has been a topic of debate ever since the 1950s when women were initially banned from voting in the United States, to one...

Malala Yousafzai, a role model in female education

If there’s one female activist everyone has heard of, then it’s definitely Malala Yousafzai. Born in the Swat district of Pakistan on the 21st of...

Mumpreneurs – women juggling between parenthood and running a business

You’ve got different kinds of entrepreneurs; serial entrepreneurs, innovators, etc. But now there exists a new category of parent entrepreneurs – Mumpreneurs.

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