If there is one thing that should not be a taboo topic, it should be money. If there was enough education about money, would the rich and poor gap around the world be so vast? Even in today’s society, some women still leave the financial decisions to men – not that it is a bad thing, but is it a good thing for women?

That is why we believe that women should be involved with finance – hand in hand with their husbands or their significant other. If you are single, it is even more important for you to get a hold of this knowledge.

Passive income

Why work for money when money can work for you, right? That, in essence is what passive income is all about. The rich don’t get rich by saving. The rich get rich by investing.
When you put a certain amount of money at a location where it can generate more money, it is like growing a money tree. While you tow away with your daily job, your money is also towing away to get you more money – even when you sleep.


When you are young and just starting out, most will not think about retirement. It seems like it is lightyears away and really, there are ‘more important’ things to spend your money on.
But think again, the little money you put aside for your old age will snowball and be something you can live off of in the future. In fact, an American survey by Yahoo Finance shows that at least 42% of Americans will retire broke!
No way, ladies. Let us be accountable to each other and make sure we have money stored somewhere that we can use for our leisurely holidays when we are old and grey – because though we love our jobs, the money we gain should work for us in the long run.

More likely to transition in life

Oh yes, most of you will relate to this. As women, most of us (but not all, and that is totally okay) would love to have a family of our own – and that is an investment in itself. Some will take some time off their full time job to work on the new home, to care for a new addition in the family, a child’s special needs or elderly parents. It is not about gender stereotypes but the heart of a woman that is moved in this area.
Now, during your working years, if you have started investing, it is comforting to know that you’ve got a stash that is still earning money from compound interest when it is time to leave to focus on other fulfilling things in life.

Increased quality of life

We do not know what is going to happen in the future. And though money cannot solve all problems, it aids issues from being monsters and turning things ugly. Don’t be superstitious but sometimes death, divorce, sickness and a series of unfortunate events may happen. In these cases, some women are left lost, not knowing where to start and how to pick themselves out of the pit.
Money invested is like a type of insurance for yourself. Financial literacy will build your self esteem and reduce financial dependency.

Continued confidence to invest

This may suggest power play of the sexes and maybe it is. But this point is made without adequate research. Although men make the face of Wall Street, a study in the nineties entitled Boys Will Be Boys: Gender, Overconfidence, and Common Stock Investment, found that although men traded 45% more frequently than women, women outperform men by 0.94% per year.
It is due to how women are generally more risk conscious and have different preferences when it comes to funds that they invest in. Maybe it is in our innate nature?

Have you started investing? If you have not, what is stopping you? Do let us know in the comments below.


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