When you scroll through your Instagram feed, you might come across friends or personalities you admire going on all-expense-paid vacations, dining for free at high-end restaurants and being sponsored luxury cosmetics. Each of their posts garners hundreds and sometimes, thousands of ‘likes’ and you wonder, how did they get there?

Teh Li Rong might be the figure behind that personality on social media. Co-founder and CEO of Influencer Pte Ltd, her company has developed KOLI™ (Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers), a system that matches social media influencer profiles to campaigns organised by brands.

But wait, it gets more analytical. This program analyses influencer and followers’ statistics using Artificial Intelligence, matching it with brands according to the voice, audience and relevance of the social media personality. Brands engage KOLI™ because they know they will be marketing directly to their niche market without the need for trial and error.

Talk about a match made on social media through technology!

With 10 years of experience in financial markets, management and leadership for growth in several companies, she has married her passion to the needs of today’s marketing needs. But that is not all. She is at the forefront of the tech industry, empowering women to follow suit, in an industry often saturated by men.

A woman with such drive and ambition, we can’t help but to be curious about how she sees the world through her lens – and we are glad we got the chance to pick her brains!

Q. What is “empowerment” to you?

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming one’s rights. Empowerment is an unstoppable force for good. I am passionate about empowering women, especially in tech. I hope to change and encourage more women to take action and take up leadership roles in startups and get involved in entrepreneurship because they have the added advantage of being able to balance business acumen and forward thinking with their intuition. To make a change, it is important for women entrepreneurs to be loud, to be noticed and to share. Using technology to be innovative and still remaining relevant, connects people. I am always advocating and encouraging diversity and bringing women into the male dominated tech and finance industry.

Q. There are ups and downs in life, can you tell us an interesting story?

I am a single parented child, who went through a bad childhood and eventually went astray during my younger days. But my mum’s love steered me back to the right path. This is what drives me to achieve what I have today, motivating me to continue providing for her. Not to forget, the motivation to provide a wholesome family for my children.

Q. If you woke up and had 1,000 unread emails and could only answer 100 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer?

Browse through by subjects and prioritise those that need me to make decisions or are from my customers/users. I’ll also answer emails that are addressed to me, not copied.

Q. If you could have a machine that produced 100 dollars every day for your entire life, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

I would estimate my life expectancy and calculate the future value and discount it back to present value, given a specified rate of return, minus the cost of operating the machine.

Q. Describe the colour pink to someone who is blind.

I would tell them to use their sense of touch, describing that pink is soft and tender. Using smell and taste to describe that pink, is sweet. Also, to engage their emotions by explaining that pink is nurturing, emitting warmth, femininity, love and happiness.

Q. Shameless plug?

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Teh Li Rong is a go getter that leads women to break the glass ceiling. Despite being raised only by her mother, what people might think would inhibit her viewpoint only expanded it, trailblazing the path for women in tech and finance.

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Edwin Ang
Author: Edwin Ang


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