We are told to put our best face forward – but is our face looking its best?

So we turn to skin care, and suddenly we are bombarded by thousands upon thousands of brands that promise us the moon and the stars – but do they practice what they preach?

Seoyeon Park, the founder of Proudly Picky is the meticulous “picker” behind the skin care products she advocates – not just sells. Not any product that says ‘super hydrating’ is going to be added into her book unless and until it passes her strict scrutiny – from ingredients to the reaction of the skin to certain formulas.

This pickiness that has now evolved into a brand was perceived as a negative trait during her younger days. This characteristic of hers was so frowned upon that she began to think there was something wrong with herself.

However, things took a turn for the better when she found that her pickiness was celebrated when it came to caring for her mind and her body – that is when she began being picky, not just for herself but for other consumers. Her recommendations began to flourish and she now champions only for the best skin care in the market.

When one is so conscientious, surely mistakes are extremely rare. Before we make assumptions, let’s see what she has to say about the life of perfection she strives to create herself and her business.

Q. Let’s talk about your current business/profession, what do you do?

I am healthy life and healthy skin care enthusiast. I care a lot about the mind, body and soul. Hence, I select the products with my picky and high standards for my customers so my customers don’t have to go through what I went through which, sometimes can be considered as a waste of so much money and time, having to try out the products to see if it really works and is helpful for the skin. I am also working as an agent for those brands I believe in, bringing them out from Korea.

Q. There are ups and downs in life, can you tell us an interesting story?

I had the horseback riding accident and got paralysed right after experiencing tragic incident in my family and a little later, I got cheated by my friend on business. I feared for my life – not just once but many times. However, I’ve learned that when we encounter situations like this in life, it’s more important and helpful to focus on what I should do next with positive and calm mind, then to keep asking letting yourself get lost in ”why”.

Q. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I’ve never bleached my hair up to this light shade before and suddenly, I decided to try. I asked my hair stylist for an ”ash blondish brown” and she only gave me ”ash” – meaning just grey hair, like grandma grey. I’m still in the process of washing my hair twice every other day in hopes to wash off the grey.

Q. If you’ve committed a crime, what would it be, how would you have done it and get away with it?

I seriously wish that I will never have to commit a crime because I won’t be able to sleep and live with it.

Q. Given what you know today if we took a time machine back to the beginning, what would you have done differently?

I would try more things and do things more spontaneously.

We now know that society’s standards and values can change over time. What may be an unpopular mannerism by the community around you does not mean it is bad. In fact, just by being you and embracing who you really are, you can build a thriving business like Seoyeon Park did with her pickiness.

Don’t change the essence of who you are. Celebrate it and find ways to win at it. Read more interviews of more women who chose to change their viewpoint by taking a step into the unknown at FESO Asia.


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