Take a look back in time and you can see where we have come as women. From working the fields in the medieval era, to housewives during the Great Depression and now, lady bosses. Of course, there were very high profile and notable lady bosses throughout history; remember Cleopatra, Mother Theresa, Coco Chanel and Eleanor Roosevelt, just to name a few. However, today, we are more empowered and connected than ever, and here, we support each other.


If you are just starting off your work day, best start off by reading this because we’ve got a list of 5 things you’d want to get into your head before dealing with other matters at hand.


1) Take The Initiative To Introduce Yourself Without Being Introduced.

This happens often. There is a board meeting and a person of importance enters the room. We sit and wait to be introduced by the person chairing the meeting – but no, today will be different. It is time you stand up and take the initiative to introduce yourself. It gives people a good first impression – and a good impression is what you need to get things working in your favour. It doesn’t need to be with superiors, it can work with anyone – it’s called networking.


2) Listen And Have An Open Mind To New Ideas.

As much as we say we do listen to the people that interact with us, we often do not listen to hear people out. That is a fact. We often listen to reply, to retort or debate. It is easy to be caught up with the position you are holding and think that you have the best interest for the business. Sometimes, you can be wrong – and that is okay. This is when you need to listen to new ideas, wild or plain boring; because all ideas can grow and be formulated to something that works. Also, it makes your employees or business partners feel like their opinions are worth something. Have an open mind!


3) Wear A Smile On Your Face.

Being a boss babe does not mean you need to have a sulky, the-world-owes-me-big-time frown etched on your face. Remember, smiling releases happy hormones, probably something you need more of after hassling through your work, trying to meet deadlines. Smile, not just because you want to be more approachable to the people around you, but because it is also good for your body. It helps lowers stress levels by tricking your brain into thinking you are happy. Wear a smile when you meet people, wear a smile when you are stressed (even if you are working alone in your room). Honestly, smile lines are better than frown lines.


4) Stand By Your Personal Values.

You are who you are because of your past, your education and your will. However, there comes a time when societal pressures (friends, work, circumstances) holds on to your arm and leads you to think about compromising your good values – something you have held on since you were a child. Remember, don’t bow down to it. No amount of pressure is worth sacrificing your values, self worth and finally, your destiny. Compromising as an easy way out or to get a little more wealth and status is not going to be worth it as it eats away your self-respect – and that is something you don’t want gnawing at you for most of your life afterwards.


5) Encourage Your Employees.

Some do this, but some do not. If you encourage your employees often, continue doing it. If you don’t do it often enough, start today. In case you don’t know, encouragement motivates your employees. When employees are motivated, it can lead to increased productivity and creativity leading to better performance in terms of your business. Start by saying simple things like saying, ‘Good job,’ ‘Thank you for putting in effort,’ or ‘You are an asset to this company.’ You can push that further by stocking the pantry (food is always a great motivator), organising a staff lunch, encouraging work-life balance, asking if they need help, sending them for enrichment courses or simply increasing their paycheck amount.


These are simple and practical ways that you can start doing today (except increasing their paycheck, I suppose) that will make work a little less dreary. In fact, you will feel darn good about yourself because you are conscious about what is happening around you and also asserting yourself as a capable leader in your field.


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