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Would we be anywhere without our heavy reliance on technology? From online shopping, streaming movies to communicating through social media, the emergence of technology has saved us from traditional times. However, this interest does not reflect the workforce.

According to the academic discipline, “Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics” (STEM), only 25 percent in IT are of the female gender. Evaluating the statistics and measuring the vital need for it in our lives, it does not project a solid explanation. So why are women severely underrepresented in the workforce?

Well, the number one feature is the general perception of work scope. When it comes to the tech industry, we automatically picture dishevelled men working backhand away from the main scene in a dusty office filled with gadgets. In other words, the mainstream outlook has clouded the appeal of a career in tech for women. From gathering data to determining its main market demographic, the stages of entities for an organisation are endless.

Next, and probably the most transparent reason – Intimidation. Society is confined to its boxed standards that any slight change feels like a top spinning out of control. Hence, when a female enters into a predominantly male infused industry, there is a struggle of finding a solution to manage and solidify a change.

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This however is unfortunate as the benefits in having a more diversified workforce are endless. We’ve listed two main components:

Diversification of Opinions.

While we’re on the threshold of positive change in breaking gender stereotypes, we cannot deny the fact that our ancestors did not follow the same trend. Girls and boys were raised differently to comply with society’s gender implications. With this, both genders have different perceptions of life and ways of conduct.

By amping up and diversifying the tech industry, we are able to grasp more opinions and solutions into problem solving than a steady one-dimensional mindset. Besides, the industry could also benefit into glancing at things through an alternate perspective. This could suggest new formation of ideas and angles to broaden an organisation’s action plan.


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki…… Photo via: pmcvariety

Opening a New Gap for an Untapped Market.

While it’s incredible to have men implement structures and sort out procedures, they lack the knowledge and understanding of how to fully cater to the feminine-centric industry. This hinders the inclusion for an organisation to develop and progress in a manner that will provide satisfaction.

For instance, if an organisation’s main target demographic lies within the female gender, limited knowledge into crafting correct implementations for successful results will occur . Sure, it’s possible to do extensive research and make assumptions, but the true essence gathered through firsthand experience would be non-existent.

This is especially visible with the lack of concrete construction of applications relating to womanhood such as pregnancy, menstruation and feminine hygiene.

Hence, having more female presence in the tech industry enables new capacities to prosper and therefore, encourage potential prospects.

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