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In conjunction with International Women’s Day, this week’s feature centres around empowerment as our main theme to add further depth into the capabilities women hold in today’s day and age.

Here at FESO Asia, we strive to not only encourage and inspire women to take accountability and leadership in their lives but also aspire to remove the stigma that women need a shoulder to propel them to greater heights.

Since featuring numerous powerful and dedicated women on our site, we see this negative prospect diminishing through tenacity, diligence and most importantly – hard work!

All the inspiring interviewees’ had one thing in unison- a game plan to conquer their respective industries stemming from real life experiences.

With so much experience and expertise under their belt, they set themselves as influencers and role models for young girls to emulate. Today, we want to honour our womenfolk by featuring four powerful women across various industries, each reminiscing on what empowerment meant to them and how it eventually led to a push into career defining territories.

Chong Su Lee.Chong Su Lee

Founder and Wellness Coach, Look Good Feel Great Always.

When asked about an opinion she strongly abides in, Su Lee recites:

“You create your own reality, and it’s apparent in the way i lead my life today”

Pure determination to assert full control over her life from the beginning placed the foundation of independence and taking responsibilities in her career and life choices. This reflects her idea on empowerment as she describes:

“Empowerment is giving and exuding the power to achieve something that many deem impossible and to be true to yourself.”

Her belief that empowerment is grasped through obtaining the unattainable but staying through to who you are is a remark worth capturing. It has been increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of your own identity when surrounded by not only men taking charge in the workforce but other personalities that society deems favourable.

Kazuna Kazuna Yamamoto

Founder and CEO, KMLab

Su Lee’s thoughts coincide similarly with CEO Kazuna Yamamoto on the challenges she faced being left alone early on in her career. This was followed by the need to prove everyone wrong, stating:

“There are so many people who disagree with me and try to dictate how i should do certain things… That led me to start different companies so i can prove to myself that i can do anything based on my own instincts.”

Her voice in being certain to her own vision through thick and thin motivated Yamamoto to strive harder and see her main desire flourish.

While it’s important having an accomplished mentality, it is also worth discussing the challenges faced throughout the journey. Not everyone is born into a leadership mindset, some have to cultivate it through self-discovery.

Wing Puah

Source: Google +

Wing Puah

Project Coordinator, XinFin

This understanding echoes Xin Fin’s project coordinator, Wing Puah who recalls being lost during her early career pursuits:

‘… when i first graduated, i went to New Zealand for a working holiday to find myself again but when i came back, i felt even more lost. It look me another eight years of hard knocks… to figure out what i want in life.”

The discovery led her to believe that empowerment is “the ability and freedom to achieve the goals and targets set by ourselves”.

While Su Lee, Yamamoto and Puah had only wonderful things to say about the term “empowerment” and how it changed their perspectives on the way they lead their lives, our last interviewee had a different outlook.

Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh

Founding Director, Two Lane Pte. Ltd.

Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh doesn’t limit herself when it comes to making a change for herself and her company. On empowerment, she completely opposes the concept, saying:

“I despise the word. To me, it gives off a sense that someone has had no power in the first place and it is something that is given.”

Her remark brings us an insightful topic that is up for debate. Why does the term “empowerment” only correlate to the female gender? It’s rarely ever used connoting to men on their endeavours.

However, despite her disparate opinion, one thing remains firm – her steadfastness in upholding her viewpoint, which is the exact driving mentality that enabled her to attain her success.

No matter what your impressions are on “empowerment”, it is important to channel whatever source of inspiration and drive inside of you to fight for what you want, even if it seems impractical.

From all of us here at FESO Asia, we wish you an incredible International Women’s Day! Be who you are destined to be.

For more interesting reads on female empowerment, visit FESO Asia.


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