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Beginning her career as a waitress in Mos Burger at the age of fourteen, Grace Lee soon found passion in the fashion industry. This drive then inspired her to create her own label Lovefreya.

What sets this entrepreneur and fitness fanatic apart is that all her endeavours are done with intent to spread and encourage women to embrace themselves.

Grace believes that all women are beautiful and hopes that her creations will bring happiness and motivate body positivity.

Her label Lovefreya stemmed not only from her desire to produce beautiful fashion-forward pieces, but she also aspires to use it as a medium to transmit hope and confidence to all women.

The name “Lovefreya” draws influence from Norse Mythology. “Freya” translates to the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The label also signifies the brand’s vision to magnify and spread love to all women through fashion.

Acknowledging that all women are beautiful no matter their shape, skin tone and size, LoveFreya aims to evoke women from all walks of life to instil confidence, happiness and a brighter state of mind.

We had the chance to sit down with Grace where she opened up about her brand, her belief that everything happens for a reason and her getaway plan if she ever commits a crime.

Read below for the full interview:

Q. Your whole brand is surrounded with an aim to empower women. What does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment is lifting others by being the best version of yourself.

Q. As the CEO of a fashion label, what roles do you undertake?

I am the founder of Lovefreya, an e-commerce fashion line that is built on spreading love, positivity, beauty & fashion to women around the world.

Q. Looking at where you are in your life today and how much you achieved thus far, if you had an opportunity to re-do anything in your life, what would it be?

I would have started chasing my dreams earlier minus all the trial and errors.

Q. Life always puts us in unexpected situations. Do you have an interesting story about your life or about a sentiment you believe in to share with our readers?

I always believe that people appear in your life for a reason. I met someone whom I thought was nice but turned out a total disaster. But this same person somehow also bridged a connection in my life to a life-changing moment.

Q. On a more cheerful note, if you ever were in the middle of committing a crime, what would it be and what would be your gateway plan?

If I murdered someone, I would cook them up before disposing of the remains.

Q. What are your thoughts about the colour pink? Would you describe the shade to be feminine?

[I would describe it as] soft, fluffy, gentle, romantic and sweet.

Q. How would you handle receiving one thousand emails and could only reply to one hundred of them?

[I would press] command-A-delete. People with really urgent matters will email me again.

Q. Through it all, would you describe yourself as someone who is blessed?

Quite lucky. I tend to receive things in life without much effort.

Grace’s story and drive to empower women is an incredible representation of an entrepreneur who has purpose, vision and determination to bring her dreams to life. A great figure to emulate.

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