Cassandra Seah.

Drawing from her own life encounters and a background in business and design, Cassandra Seah recalls the initial source of inspiration for the development of Generation Connect Pte Ltd. She reflects back to her roots, citing her grandfather – who she deems as her “strongest pillar of strength” – showing signs of forgetfulness to be the foundation of her company.

“It pained me greatly but drove me to give back in whatever ways I could,” she says.

Hence it’s this drive that led to Generation Connect Pte Ltd, an establishment providing a substitute tabletop rehabilitative kit to help dementia symptoms through multi-sensory stimulation and social interactivity.  It also supplies a method of recording and monitoring the development of a senior’s mental capacity through sensory and cognitive measures.

We had the pleasure to sit down with Cassandra to uncover the inventive steps she undertook in turning her passion into a substantial business.

Read below for the full story:

Q. When did you first begin your entrepreneurial journey?

“Well, I was nine when I started making little pieces of jewellery for sale. It didn’t work out well, along with all the other things I started.”

Q, What does your current entrepreneurial venture look into?

“I am the founder and CEO of my startup Generation Connect Pte Ltd. At Genconnects. We develop novel rehabilitative games based on research to provide engagement and social interaction, with a focus on intergenerational bonding while providing rehabilitation.”

Q. Being a powerful woman, what inspires and keeps you motivated?

“My life was chaotic. I was bullied in school, psychologically and physically abused. On the receiving end of such treatment, I could empathise with the vulnerable. Feeling their helplessness and experiencing their pain, I’m driven to make the world a better place. It is often the broken ones who emerge resilient, wiser and more determined. Tenacity, empathy, discipline—these are values that make me who I am. I found my passion because my grandfather, my strongest pillar of strength, showed serious signs of forgetfulness even though he was not diagnosed with dementia. He forgot how to come home, a home he had been living in for the past 50 years. It pained me greatly but drove me to give back in whatever ways I could.”

Q. Here at FESO Asia, we strive to encourage and inspire women to take control of their lives. Your story, will help women to empower themselves and realise their own aspirations. From your perspective, what does the term “Empowerment” mean to you?

“Empowerment is having the audacity to make decisions through self-awareness.”

Q. What is something that you think needs to change that others might not feel similarly about?

“Women are treated as less than equal in ways many are not consciously aware of.”

Like many of our features, Cassandra looks at life with optimism for the future and does not let negative setbacks in her past bring her down.

Q. Given where you are in your life, if you could change an aspect or rectify a past mistake, what would it be?

“I don’t think there are things I would have changed given the circumstances at the time. Got to look forward!”

Cassandra’s story shows us how one can take past struggles and challenges in life and turn it into something fruitful to help those in need.  A woman, despite facing trials at a young age stood by her values and who she is to fight for what is important. A true advocating example for women who are chasing after their passions.

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