With a heightened increase in campaigns highlighting women empowerment such as the #metoo movement and the recent celebration of International Women’s Day, it seems like the world is on the threshold of positive change in balancing equality rights.

However, why are movements like these important? Are they merely to signify and oppose the masculine energy with no proper intent, or do they actually hold weight in changing and producing productive results for society?

Just like the male gender, females are also boxed up to uphold certain personality attributes that put a stop to maximizing their full potential – professionally and personally.

Looking from a traditional standpoint, society has imposed how a female should dress, act and what role they “should” undertake in a household. These roles include being soft, feminine, passive, dependent, submissive, emotional, indecisive and talkative.

On a more career-oriented route, females have supposedly endorsed a more subordinate position in comparison to the male gender. This at times, leads women to be placed as stay-at-home housewives to take care of their children while the male figure carries out all the heavy-lifting financially.

While we are not belittling the tenacity it takes to be a stay-at-home mom, these traditional perspectives limit females capabilities. Especially, in pursuing their dreams and amplifying the strength they hold as women to upgrade not only their own lives but today’s economic status.

women empowerment

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Below we have listed reasons why women should break the mould of feminine accustomed stereotypes.

Diversification of gender employment leads to better economic growth and a rise in a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

In a study produced by the Journal of Regional Science, it exemplifies how the world’s GDP has increased steadily since more women have joined the workforce. One reason for the outcome is simply because more labour supply has been added. When labour supplies are increased, more opportunities are brought forth and the difference in perspectives between men and women bring room for producing more positive solutions to problems.

Enabling females to explore their identity and talents

Growing up, especially taking inspiration from our ancestors, can place an impactful role of how we see ourselves. This relates to determining the choices we make throughout our lives, even through our career aspirations. It is important to realize that this stigma and traditional mentality is wrong. Everyone, predominantly females, should have the opportunity to choose and explore their desires despite it going on against normalities. Just like how the world preaches and practices freedom of speech, the realization of breaking traditional forms of gender roles should be expanded to properly capitalize on individual talents.

Being a role model to empower the younger generation

While we may not be able to erase history and start over, what we can do is move forward and take small steps to enable change. Though it is never too late to begin again, it is vital to analyze what solutions can be used to ensure that the upcoming generation of females will not be stereotyped and trapped. This can be done by being a leading example in our everyday lives. A simple method to achieving this is to acknowledge that there is a need for change and lending support to women empowering movements.

Women Support

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Here at FESO Asia, we are constantly striving to encourage women to take control of their lives to produce a better future. Read more articles of female empowerment here.

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