Life can be hectic with family, work, friends, and relationships, but one must always keep in mind that living a healthy lifestyle is essential to one’s mental and physical health. Melissa Fann is an epitome of this lifestyle and that energy has been channelled through her magazine “The Wellness Insider” – a platform dedicated to promoting body confidence.

In previous interviews, Melissa mentioned that she was ridiculed for her weight issues since young, which led her to pursue her passion project. We recently caught up with her to find out what she thought about her role in holistic wellness and how she overcame criticisms of the past.

Q. Let’s talk about your current business/profession, what do you do?

I run and edit the wellness website “The Wellness Insider”. It’s a platform where we produce articles on fitness, beauty, health and lifestyle, including curated expert opinions, products and services, and also upcoming events. Most of our readers are mostly females aged 25 to 45. It seems like a wide range, but it only goes to show how we are all facing similar issues when it comes to wellness.

Q. With the ups and downs in life, is there anything interesting you might like to share with us

There was an ex-colleague of mine who hated me for no reason whatsoever. We weren’t even on the same team, although we were in the same department, and he made a lot of comments behind my back which were rude, insulting and hurtful. The irony is that all those hurtful comments and the lack of support from my then-colleagues were what propelled me to succeed.

Q. What is “empowerment” to you?

For me, empowerment is having power and control over one’s life, while being able to take concrete steps to reach one’s goals.

Q. If you woke up and had 1,000 unread emails and could only answer 100 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer?

I’d filter by sender and read those that are from people whom I actually know.

Q. Shameless plug?

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After all the trials and trepidations that she has experienced in her life, Melissa chose to look on a brighter side while focusing on her craft. Negative comments did nothing to disrupt her inner peace and she further used them as leverage to push harder and create the best version of herself.

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