There is a lot to know about mobile apps and the latest web development these days, but launching one is a whole different story. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with Le Thao, CEO and co-founder of Eldoraku, who shared about the highs and lows of her career leading towards the success of her business empire.

Eldoraku is a Japanese start-up featuring a mobile app that introduces a wide range of products to its consumers. Their business focus is mainly centred on Japanese goods, among other products.

In this interview, Le Thao shared some interesting facts on her journey in creating a mobile application.

Q. Let’s talk about your current business/profession, what do you do?

I am the CEO and co-founder of Eldoraku, a Japanese startup that developed a mobile application called Eldoraku where we introduce consumers to a wide range of products focusing on, but not limited to, Japanese goods. We feature gift ideas, souvenirs for tourists and daily necessities. Eldoraku was created with the realisation that it has become increasingly difficult to find relevant and high-quality products, both in retail and online stores.

Language barriers and unreliable reviews have made this especially difficult for cross-cultural purchasing. The name “Eldoraku” is a combination of El Dorado (“golden” in Spanish) and raku (“comfort” in Japanese). Its logo symbolises a spirit of re-envisioning and liveliness. Eldoraku strives to provide valuable product descriptions, relevant information, impartial reviews and overall user enjoyment with a refreshing design and a gamification-based rewards program.

Q. Given what you know today, if you could ride a time machine back to the start where it all began, what would you have done differently?

I wish I could have started my venture earlier. Starting the company from scratch is really tough but from this mission, I have learnt something new every day and the improvements for self-growth is unbeatable.

Q. Tell me something that is truly relevant to your experience as an entrepreneur.

Hard work pays off.

Q. There are ups and downs in life, can you tell us an interesting story about your version?

I worked in a big corporation in Japan as a Sales Representatives for the Singapore and Vietnam market. When I gave birth to my daughter, I couldn’t go back to the position I wanted, so I decided to leave. Leaving the comfort zone of a stable salary and good benefits to start something new is especially challenging for women, especially with a little one in tow. I pitched our passionate project to entrepreneurs and investors but was unsuccessful in procuring any investments, still, we trudged on.

After establishing the company, my friends agreed to help. It was an unforgettable moment and I was so humbled and blessed to be able to start my venture.  The opportunity that I have received thus far from our investors, partners and friends is beyond comparison.

Q. Do you believe in luck, and why?

I am quite a lucky person, I strongly believe in having a positive mind and avoiding negativity. Very simply, do what you love and love what you do because only when you enjoy the experience life brings, you can then perform at your maximum potential.

I also believe in the action of “give and take”, and extending kindness to others. I remember my father telling me “You never know, one day nobody can be a somebody. That somebody could help you overcome your difficulties in life, so if you are able to help, just do it.”

Le Thao, who started working at the age of 14, received an opportunity to widen her network and social skills. Her early dive into the working world prepared her well ahead of other women her age. Along with that and adequate experience in the industry, she now knows how to handle business challenges with optimism and professionalism.

Like any other empowered women out there, Le Thao believes in leaving her comfort zone to pursue her passion project. Now that her own mobile app is up and running, Le Thao continues to invest in the further improvement of her work.

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