This November 1st, the H.E.R Asia Summit aims to fix precisely that, by educating and empowering women to find success in business and fulfill the multiple roles in their lives.

H.E.R Entrepreneur is the platform for aspiring women entrepreneurs to get inspiration, education and empowering advice via online resources, meetups, workshops and conferences.

Built on top of a network of successful leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, they provide the insights and connections these women need to attain their business vision healthily.

H.E.R Asia Summit is H.E.R Entrepreneur’s most prominent event aimed at aspiring businesswomen: a 1-day conference (workshops included!) that covers business topics like talent management, leadership, funding, marketing strategies, innovation and technology.

The conference provides women with a platform to network with leaders and investors to exchange views, opinions and knowledge. Here, you get the insights and talks from industry experts and learn all the know-how (and how to apply it to your organisation) via workshops.

All in all, it’s about finding the inspiration, tips and wisdom from experts and other fellow women to become a better you.

And it’s also about making the world a better place for others: part of the event’s proceeding will go straight to aiding Indian women in becoming agents of change with the help of World Vision’s Female Empowerment Project , an initiative empowering and educating adolescent girls in Faridkot, India.

H.E.R Asia Summit has over twenty-two speakers from all walks of life, and all of them are ready to give women the advice they need to fulfill their ambitions while keeping a proper life balance.

To find out more, check out this post at SAUCEink.

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